Customer References - Basic Engineering Package
1 Aarti Industries Limited Ammonia Recovery From Effluent ALPHA
2 Akshar Chemicals , Kadi HCl 50 2 x Cl 2 recovery from a Blue Plant ALPHA
3 ALKEM Laboratories Ltd Basic and Detail Engineering of solvent Recovery system for DMF, Pyridine and Acetic Acid IN-HOSUE
4 AL OGE International LLC Mini refinery (design of Atm & vacuum distillation column and associated equipment including detail engineering ALPHA
5 Armour Polymer Limited 2-Methyl Pyrazine Plant Client R&D
6 Aasahi Songwon Ltd, Dhudwada Solvent Recovery / Ammonium Carbonate recovery. Basic Engineering ALPHA
7 Base Metal Chemicals Aluminium Chloride Existing Plant
8 Cheminova India Limited Ammonia Recovery Unit ALPHA
9 Confidential client Chlorinated Paraffin Wax Client / ALPHA
10 Deepak Nitrite Limited Ethyl Chloride Client R&D
11 Diamines & Chemicals Limited Piperazine Purification Client R&D / ALPHA
12 Expanded Incorporation Basic Engineering for Refrigerated Propylene oxide storage tank of 3000 KL truck loading  
13 Gulbrandsen Chemicals, Baroda Liquefied cryogenic ethylene storage, pumping & classification ALPHA
14 Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd Calcium Chloride Plant ALPHA
15 Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited HF Recovery Unit Licensed
16 Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited R-23 Recovery Unit ALPHA
17 Gujarat Petrosynthese Limited Butadiene Hydrogenation Unit Licensed
18 Gujarat Pipvav Port Ltd LPG ship unloading & transportation to SHELL LPG terminal ALPHA
19 Gujarat State fertilizer & Chemicals Limited Hydroliser Treater For Urea Plant ALPHA / Client
20 Haldia Petrochemicals Limited Review  
21 Heubach Colour Limited Azo Red – Batch Client R&D
22 Heubach Colour Limited Azo Red – continuous Client R&D
23 Heubach Colour Limited SO 2 /SO 3 scrubber unit Client /ALPHA
24 Heubach Colour Limited Ammonia Recovery From Effluent ALPHA
25 Heubach Colour Limited Aluminium Hydroxide Plant Client R&D
26 Heubach Colour Limited Azo Pigment Plant Client R&D
27 Heubach Colour Limited Pigment Dispersion Plant Client R&D
28 Heubach Colour Limited Alpha Blue Plant Client R&D
29 Heubach Colour Limited Alum Plant Client R&D
30 Heubach Colour Limited DEG Recovery Unit ALPHA
31 Heubach Colour Limited Basic & Detail engineering for Hi performance Pigment project  
32 Hikal Limited Ammonia Recovery From Effluent ALPHA
33 Hindustan Nitro Products Limited Nitrobenzene Plant / Aniline Plant / Utilities Client R&D / ALPHA
34 Larsen & Toubro Limited Feed heater pipeline  
35 Luster Tiles Rosa Plant Client
36 Meghmani Industries Design & Basic engineering of distillation system for DMF & TMA/IPA water ALPHA
37 Nagarjuna Fertilizer Chemicals Ltd, Hyderabad Basic & detail engineering of bio fuel NFCL In-house
38 Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation through S. Mark Industries Basic & Detail engineering for PK # 2 EPS Dholka Project. IN-HOUSE
39 Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd Basic and detail engineering of AHF debottlenecking plant Client R&D
40 GNFC Basic, detail engineering and procurement assistance for precipitated calcium carbonate GNFC in-house
41 Incowax Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Printing Ink Project  
42 Reliance Industries Limited, Patalganga Pentene Recovery (Basic & detail engineering) RIL in-house
43 Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira Basic & detail engineering of Methyl acetate to acetic acid plant in PTA plant BY ANT Corporation, Korea
44 Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira Basic & Detail engineering for Modification in Butadine plant BY JSR Corporation
45 Sanghi Cement Ltd, Kutch Basic & detail engineering of ship unloading pipeline & 5000 KL heated fuel oil storage / pumping ALPHA
46 Transpek Silox Industries Ltd Basic & detail engineering of sodium hydro sulfite plant CLIENT
47 United Phosphorus Limited Recovery of Ammonia / Calcium Chloride Client R&D / ALPHA
48 United Phosphorus Limited Isocynate Plant, offsites, utilities Client R&D
49 Universal Chemical, Dahej Basic & detail engineering for production of KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) UCIL in-house

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