Customer References - Plant De-Bottlenecking
1 Armour Polymer Ltd
Pyridine & Cyanopyridine Plant Audit to increase distillation performance, reduce energy consumption and reduce waste generation. Schemes were developed having payback periods of 4-20 months
2 Avani Petrochem Ltd., Halol
Naphtha / Kerosene Distillation System Improvement to recover 20 to 30°C cuts as solvents.
3 Bharat Rasayan Ltd., Delhi
Revamping of MBB distillation system to increase capacity by 37%, purity from 94 to 98.5 %.
4 Clarisis Organics Ltd., Vadodara.
Increasing capacity of the ODCB column.
5 Clarisis Organics Ltd., Vadodara.
Study on MCB & NB plant improvement. Necessary recommendations were suggested to reduce the NB reaction batch time, Improvement in the recovery of nitrobenzene, Reduction of benzene carry over, Improvement in the performance of distillation columns etc.
6 Colourcraft
Ceramic Colour Modernization Project
7 Diamines and Chemicals Ltd., Vadodara
Increased distillation capacity of Ethylene Amines by 50 %
8 Diamines and Chemicals Ltd., Vadodara
Optimized separation of Higher Amines to increase capacity by 25 % and reduce energy consumption by 20 %
9 Duncans Industries Ltd
Syngas chilling at compressor suction for Ammonia Plant to reduce power saving by 255 KW i.e. 8 % of existing power consumption in the compressors
10 GEMCO International (The Netherlands )
Process Audit of Ammonia, Urea, Phosphoric Acid, Ammonium Sulphate & DAP plants of G.S.F.C to reduce pollution (waste water treatment) and improve energy efficiency.
11 GEMCO International (The Netherlands )
Process Audit of Ammonia and urea plants of Duncans-Kanpur, NFL-Nangal, FACT-Cochin, FCI-Sindri
12 GEMCO International (The Netherlands )
Various schemes were developed to improve energy efficiency having 6-30 months of payback period.
13 Gujarat Heavy Chemical Ltd., Veraval
Installation of Ammonia Gas detector and water curtain to contain ammonia leakage
14 Indu-Nissan Oxo Chemical Inds. Ltd., Vadodara
Simulation study of Syngas preheating system. Necessary recommendations were suggested to increase the temperature of feed natural gas.
15 Indu-Nissan Oxo Chemical Inds. Ltd., Vadodara
Troubleshooting of Oxo Alcohol Purification section. Necessary recommendations were suggested to reduce the concentration of alcohol from 25 to 1.5 % at the bottom by reducing pressure from 67 to 26 mm Hg a.
16 Kamal Organics Ltd., Mumbai
Increased distillation capacity by about 100 % by debottlenecking
17 Reliance Industries Ltd., Hazira
Installation of steam heated reboiler parallel to thermic fluid heated reboiler
18 Simalin Chemical Inds. Ltd., Vadodara
Technical support to the Formaldehyde / Hexamine plants.
19 United Phosphorus Limited
Improvement in Isocynate Plant
20 United Phosphorus Limited
Continuous Crystallizer for Acephate Plant
21 United Phosphorus Limited
Ammonium Chloride Filtration Unit

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